Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Love Is All - Interview

Our favourite sonic-Swedes Love Is All are soon to unleash their third LP 'Two Thousand & Ten Injuries', 23rd March (22nd U.S) to be exact. Here at Tally Ho HQ we've had a chance to get to grips with the record recently and can assure you it's a near perfect piece of hook laden alt pop. Teaser track Kungen, available as a download for a while now, is still the immediate highlight but after a couple of listens the whole thing bursts open and hits you with a bunch of knock-out pop hooks from leftfield.

We managed to catch up with their ace drummer Markus Görsch for a chat about the writing and recording of Two Thousand & Ten Injuries.

Tally Ho: Where did you record the album?

Markus Görsch: We recorded at our own studio Bananaflux in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is our practice space in a building full of small "indie" bakeries - we get really good bread for free sometimes! - that we have turned into a studio with some nice old equipment we got.

Was the recording any different to how you've approached previous records?

MG: This one is recorded entirely on tape and mixed on a desk with everybody helping out pushing buttons and moving the levers. Also, it was different because we were'nt really making an album as much as just trying out ideas when somebody had them. It was a very enjoyable process for eveyone because the rule was that you should show up whenever you felt like it and contribute to the songwriting only if you wanted to.

One thing that strikes me about the record is the strength of the male backing vocals on songs such as Early Warning and Kungen, did they just evolve during the recording process or was there a conscious effort to bring that poppy element into the fold?

MG: Thanks! We listened a lot to the Zombies Odessey and Oracle and wanted to copy their arrangements in our own sloppy style. At the time I was kind of into the idea of singing without words, just trying to make some human sounds that feel good without trying to express any information, really.

Third album in, you seem to have nailed your winning formula...has the creative process changed at all since you began to write together?

Yes, I think nowadays everyone is writing their own songs and then we e-mail them back and forth and everyone adds their little things. Seven songs out of ten used to be written by Nicholas (Sparding-guitar/vocals), except the words that were always by Josephine (Olausson-keyboard/vocals). But nowadays she writes her own music and so do Johan (Lindwall-bass) and I.

Do you ever feel the need to perform/record with others besides the band, to keep things fresh and exciting?

MG: Yes, I try to play with as many people as make sense... I have been working a lot with an album with my other band Glenn and Glenn, but till looking for a label to put it out.

What is your favourite song on the new album and which one do you most look forward to playing live?

MG: I like Repetition and Kungen, they are both fun to play!

Have you got any UK shows lined up to support the record?

MG: We are trying to book a couple of UK shows right now, let's see if you want us back!

You're no longer releasing records on Whats Yr Rupture...How are Polvinyl treating you!?

MG: Polyvinyl are very nice and seem like a very professional label. But we'll see, the record isn't out yet!

Thanks to Markus for taking the time out to chat! For more info, as always http://www.myspace.com/loveisall8

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