Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Sunday Brunch: Ducktails from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

Co Co Ri Co

Athens, Georgia has proved a veritable gold mine for us in the last few weeks..... First there was the psychadelic nob twiddling of Sunspots then the pop lanscaping of Qurius and now Co Co Ri Co.
The band consists of Andrew McFarland(drums), William Kennedy(keys, glockenspiel), Parks Miller(bass), and Addison Adams(vocals, guitar) are influenced by anything from African traditional music to American hardcore.
Live they like to rearrange their songs, changing speeds and parts culminating in one epic coherrent piece. Much like an episdoe of Lost that had a meaning.

Popsicle - Co Co Ri Co

Popsicle by Tallyho

Monday, 26 July 2010

Black Mountain - Old Fangs

Here's the trippy new vid from Canada's Black Mountain.

More than a hint of a Electra Glide in Blue, Easy Rider going on here and with some Kenneth Anger style occult love action thrown in for good measure...not that there is anything wrong with that!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pigeons - Wrong Man

If you ever find yourself wishing the music on the Wicker Man soundtrack was by a real band, and that that band would follow you round minstrel like, single file through your life forever sound-tracking your trials and tribulations, Pigeons debut album Si Faustine could satisfy your dirty pagan urges.

Sultry Olde English lady vocals lead the charge as all around them archaic instrumentation pounds and pomps its way through some pretty impressive psych folk.

The album is out now on Brooklyn based Olde English Spelling Bee and here's a track for your aural pleasure (and download) courtesy of those fine folks.

RIP Charlie & The Moonhearts -- Long Live Moonhearts

West Coast Beach Beat group Charlie & The Moonhearts have now become simply Moonhearts, and they'll be releasing a great LP on indie label Tic Tac Totally come 9th August.

Anyone who dug on their Tally Ho endorsed single Real Hot Breakers will not be disappointed by the sounds to come. They come on like Sunset Strip era Love with both shoes firmly on, harmonies crash in and out as wild drum fills colour the quiet corners of songs such as I Said, whilst Eat My Shorts is, despite the dumb title, a pretty tight little DC Hardcore/Garage rock hybrid for all the fake Black Flag fans out there to dribble over...

Here's a stream of I Said for a taster...Just when you think you're done with Garage rock, Moonhearts come along and make you wonder why you'd ever need anything else...

The Sandwitches - Baby Mine

The Sandwitches - "Baby Mine" from Empty Cellar on Vimeo.

All Summer - Kid Cudi + Best Coast + Rostam Batmanglij

The best of intentions......maybe

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sunspots - Special Secrets

Sunspots is the brand new real world incarnation of Georgian Will Weber's bedroom recording project.

Influenced in it's tiered complexities by anything from the Flaming Lips, The Who and Dr. Dog to more recent envied experimentalists Animal Collective and Oberhofer. This track Special Secrets is so good, we'd like to keep it as just that. Locked up in the Tally Ho vault for our own listening.

But with Will describing the music thus...' The feeling of the songs is very grounded in a love for a nice psychedelic romp outside with your best friends', it's probably best we let this one out, I mean i love a psychedelic romp as much as the next man

Special Secrets 1 by Sunspots

Monday, 19 July 2010


New track from the inimitable Panda Bear its on Itunes tomorrow, but Tally Ho today!

Is it me, or is the b-side Slow Motion much more interesting?!

Panda Bear - Tomboy Single by Panda Bear


As good a line up as any you'll see this side of the Women & Walkmen dates coming up soon, clear your diary...


Centaurs, Harpys, Mermaids, Minotaurs.....now Eagulls! Zeus doesn't half have some tricks up his tunic

Eagulls - Council Flat Blues

Plains - Innovator

Innovator from Michael McGinnis on Vimeo.

Collage Party

Collagé Party - It Feels Alright Mp3

Friday, 16 July 2010


I love the forest, the solitude, the quiet, the earth under foot, nature in it's ardent splendour.
I love the forest most, because knowone can see what i'm doing........

Edmonton, AB by Beings

Thursday, 15 July 2010

ANR - Endless Field of Mercury

ANR - "The Endless Field of Mercury" from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

If only Jamie harley could provide some kind of woozy video reel for my everyday life, it would probably be alot more interesting and i might have more friends....
Anyway, anyone who was at the recent Memoryhouse, How to Dress Well, Visons of Tree's and Prizes show at the Social that the genius Parisian (sometime Londener) provided visuals for will testify to his talent in turning the mundane into the sublime.
His new video for ANR's 'Endless Field of Mercury' captures for me that moment when laughter can turn to tears at any moment. Much like tuning into a channel Five documentary called ' The Whale with No Mouth' and realising it's for real

Shotgun Vision

Hre's Nick 'Diamonds' Thornburn in a very low-key premier of new Islands song Shotgun Vision for Radio Happy Hour in New York

Beige - In Kind Mp3

Outdoor Miners - Friends With No Money Mp3

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Nothing Yet - Trailer


We were look enough to get a sneak viewing of this one while James Benson (Frat Dad) was over studying in the UK a few months ago. The comedy short focuses on a young punk rock band from New Jersey who by coincidence happen to play Frat Dad songs and also features Real Estate, Liam The Younger and Julian Lynch among others on the soundtrack.

Check out Frat Dad's awesome song Radiation Rush on our cassette tape Heavy Medicine.

Tear Jerks - Nature Scene

Tear Jerks are the fruits of young Galswegian one man noise wall Kevin. This track is taken from an EP due out on Nature Scene in late September.

Easter Island - Tear Jerks by scdtallyho

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ariel Pink - She Dont Know What To Do With Herself'

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti covering R Stevie Moore's 'She Don't Know What To Do With Herself' for the brand new Sick of the Radio tribute album called Copy Me, Treat Me in honour of our low-fi grandad.

Shedontknowariel by abacusscd

Mystery Claws / Sleeping Bags Split 7"

Phony Checks - Mystery Claws from Easter Everywhere on Vimeo.

It seems the trappings of Princeton popularity aren't quite enough for the Kivel family. After the success of 'Calypso Gold' the debut release on the great new London based singles label Jodie & Victor comes a split 7” featuring Matt Kivel's (Pinceton Bass and vocals) new band Mystery Claws and Long Beach based Sleeping Bags.

Following on from much acclaim for the other half of Princeton Jesse Kivel's project Kisses, Matt looks to not be outshadowed with his folky pop gem 'Phony Checks' featuring a bum-budget produced video paying reference to the opening of teen dreamer flick 'Almost Famous'.

The split's other half Sleeping Bags 'Canteloupe', gives nods to shoegazers My Bloody Valentine or Ride and in its furthest reaches Kraut rockers Neu. But there's still an inkling of that California summer landscaping and commerical intention that has served Princeton so well. You wouldn't even be surprised to find the Kivels hidden in the corner of the recording studio to lay claim to another new blog hit on this one.

For any burdgeoning family bands working away, heed the call. One band just ain't gonna cut it.

Note: Jones Brothers need not apply.

CANTALOUPE by scdtallyho

Is released August 16th on Jodie & Victor records
You can pre-order here from Rough Trade

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Civil Civic

Civil Civic are a duo not concerned with following the well-trodden path of indie rock cliche. Their new 7" Run Overdrive b/w Fuck Youth is a squalling mix of Sonic Youth's wildly tuned anthemic fuzz guitar, and New Order style drums programmed to beat surrender out of all comers.

You can download the single for whatever you fancy contributing (but bear in mind they are but poor musicians) over at their Bandcamp site here