Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Fall Of 91

After a quick count revealed that our once some time illustrator Dan Wilson had contributed about 90% of the artwork for a new zine, it's time to humbly pay our dues.

Check out his often wonderful and sometimes weird drawings here......


Gorillaz/Albarn Super group appears on Later...

Blur man Damon Albarn's other lot appeared on BBC stalwart music show Later...with Jools Holland.

With a band featuring none other than (tres youthful looking) former Clash bassist Paul Simonen who is also Albarn's cohort in The Good, The Bad & The Queen as well as Bobby Womack and everyone's favourite right-on rap star/interplanetary explorer Mos Def.

They performed the 80's soul tinged single Stylo, taken from this year's Plastic Beach LP.

They'll perform further on the full programme this coming Saturday on BBC 2.

Heavy Medicine

The Tally Ho Cassette comp has finally arrived..... You'll be able to order one from the blog this afternoon and remember it's FREE so you'll only pay for postage. Alternatively look out for it in a bunch of London record stores, bookshops and select alehouses.

Tally Ho - Heavy Medicine

Side A

Andrew Cedermark - Ides of March
Wonderswan - A stitch in Space-Time
Wounded Lion- Muppet Babies
Grasshouse - At The Bottom of The Sea
The Whines - Here We Sit
Frat Dad - Radiation Run
Fluffy Lumbers - Night Moves

Side B

White Fence - Sara Snow
Dignan Porch - As You Were
Treasure - Canada
Big Troubles - Loose Teeth
The Nicholas Cage - South Pacific
Fresh and Only's - Stranger in My House
Rent Boys - Jesus Told Me
Christmas Island - Get It In Your Head.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Against All Odds..... Part II

Fledgling followers of this blog might not remember a zine we put out around this time last year entitled 'Against All Odds'. For those not in the know, it was a perfectly fitting name for what turned out to be a Herculean production effort of 10 hr stints at the keyboard, illustration choice infighting and on a personal level awaking at 5am under the Tally Ho office desk with a reassuring pat that it was 'done'.

Our attendance at this years Coachella is an equally triumphant story of a battle against cheap liqour , American niceties and nature itself. So hold tight over the next few days as I shake the post LA blues and try to write up the festival.

As a little taster you can expect reviews of Jay Z, Yeasyayer, Grizzly Bear, LCD Soundsytem, Beachouse, The XX, Hot Chip, Yo La Tengo, Spoon and PAVEMENT.

Hold tight........

Friday, 23 April 2010


Is all it takes to go from the (supposed) end of Dan Auerbach's Twisted Words to the awesome careering blues riffage of the final kiss off that Dan manipulates from his guitar. One of those moments in music that you want to last forever but if you really think on it you're glad that it dont.

It's been a while since a song has moved me so much, after visiting Tennessee last year for a wedding and hearing 'When the Night Comes' as the first dance for the awesome newly weds, i took the grooms advice and checked out ol' Dan. My lord i can't believe i missed out on this for so long.

Auerbach is but a young fellow but his heart belongs to that most heartbroken of genres the Blues. But don't take my word for it, enjoy the video below

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Animal Collective - Oddsac London Screenings

Awesome news for London peoples.

Animal Collective will be bringing their long-awaited film curio, Oddsac to the ICA on 13th May.

The film, a collaboration with experimental film maker Danny Perez, will be screened three times during the day, with the final screening followed by a Q & A with Danny and the band themselves. But that's not all AC fans, the Q & A will be followed by a chance to booze it up and kick it back in the ICA bar whilst Animal Collective DJ til the wee small hours.

I feel a sick day coming on...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Record Store Day - It's all a Blur

Tally Ho! felt smug in the knowledge that an early night on Friday, tucked up in bed with a cocoa and some episodes of Mad Men long before midnight crept upon us, would secure a copy of blur's coveted new single, Fool's Day. So imagine how our hearts wrenched when we turned the corner by the Truman Brewery and saw that at least 250 likeminded record geeks, some evidently nursing hangovers, had beaten us to it.

So we missed out on a slab of vinyl Blur, but the good people at Parlophone have made the song available for free download to make sure that the rest of you lazy folks don't miss out.

Its simple, just click on this link and follow the instructions.

Despite missing out on Blur we did manage to grab a one-in-a-hundred Nick Cave 12" with four different versions of classic track The Mercy Seat on white vinyl AND a limited edition Happy Birthday 7" single courtesy of the kind folks at Sub Pop.
Here's to next year!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ryan Jarman - Do Wah Doo

That's the haircut of a man deep in love...

Crib Ryan Jarman has done the honourable thing and covered his lady Kate Nash's latest single and you can listen to it here.

Ryan's version of Do Wah Doo is also available on the single which has been out since monday 12th.

It's cool, really fragile and kinda sounds like friend of the band and sometime tour partner, Jeffrey Lewis.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dungen UK dates announced

This could be old news to uber-fans of Swedish Psych rockers Dungen, but they've announced a couple of UK Dates this May.

They'll be playing as part of the Euroculture Festival in Manchester on Sunday 30th March and then burning it down the high road to Kilburn where they'll play the fabulous venue The Luminaire on Monday 31st March.

Here's a vid of the blistering Panda to get you in the mood

There better be some tickets left!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dance To The Radio Prep New Compilation

So tonight we're gonna party like it's 2005!

That's right, Leeds based indie label Dance To The Radio are back stuffing envelopes and calling in old favours. They've got a 13 track vinyl only compilation coming out on Record Store Day (this Sat!).

Featuring Sunshine Underground and I Like Trains, as well as new blood Club Smith, Oberhofer (as seen on't tally ho blog) and Bear Hands, 'Still Occupied Though You Forget' is a pretty solid ride. Big bold choruses striving for nothing short of world domination clash with twee'er than thou jangle and it all feels right.

Here's hoping DTTR have some cards hid up their sleeve for 2010.

Monday, 12 April 2010

New Televised Crimewave!

London Darkwavers (i jest) and friends of Tally Ho! Televised Crimewave, have been busy of late, nestled in the breast of a studio with producer Brian O'Shaugnessy, they've recorded a batch of new tracks that sound more assured and heavier than ever before.

They play a free show at the Old Blue Last on Great Eastern Street tomorrow night and are sure to be debuting some new gear for those in attendance. Meanwhile you can dig on the new breed over at the artrocker website here where they've been kind enough to stream new 'un A List of Great Men.

You can listen to the rest of the new gear on their myspace too!

Liars - The Overachievers

Liars will drop their latest single from the UNIVERSALLY ACCLAIMED Sisterworld LP on 24th May in't UK.

It's a personal highlight from the LP, so low slung, slack and wild. The single comes with two new tracks, one of which may or may not feature the awesome line 'throw me in the sea, with a key and my enemy', i can't quite tell yet. But they're both great and there's also a crazy take on the single by Devendra Banhart & The Grogs.

Overachievers single tracklisting:

1. The Overachievers
2. Pleasure Is Boss
3. Only Sometimes
4. The Overachievers - Devendra Banhart & The Grogs remix

They're also on tour in the UK next month:

7-9th May - Matt Groening's ATP, Minhead
27th May - London, 02 Shepherd's Bush Empire
29th May - Bristol, Dot To Dot Festival
30th May - Nottingham, Dot To Dot Festival
31st May - Manchester, Dot To Dot Festival

Go here for tickets

Friday, 9 April 2010

Trouble In Mind Records

More Record Store Day news...this time from Chicago based 7" label Trouble In Mind.

The label, not content with giving us great singles from Fresh & Only's and Ty Segall in 2009, will release a split 7" featuring (my personal tip for the top) Charlie & The Moonhearts as well as Ty Segall, CoCoComa and White Wires. Tracklisting is below:

1. Ty Segall - 2 + 2=
2. CoCoComa - Messenger
3. White Wires - That's The Way A Woman Is
4. Charlie & The Moonhearts - 7 & 7 is (yes a Love cover...i've heard it and its ace!)

Here's a vid of Charlie & The Moonhearts playing their ace single Real Hot Breakers at this years SXSW.


It really is a day of two halves...That's right, last summer's reunion bore fruit after all!

According to the unerringly honest Sun newspaper, they've recorded a special single for Record Store Day!

Correct me if i'm wrong but its the first single all four have worked on since Music Is My Radar back before Think Tank brought about Graham Coxon's unexpected departure.

Apparently there'll only be 1000 copies available, looks like this years Record Store Day (April 17th) is gonna be the most awesome yet!


Another week, another sad death. Malcolm McClaren, the thinking man's del boy, the fashion entrepreneur and music biz's chief whip, has died aged 64. His achievements have been well documented and debated during his life, so we'll just remember him this way...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Final Countdown

Those of you familiar with this blog will know that we have made no attempt to cloak our love for Pavement. And now with ten days to go until i see them play Coachella, it's time for the onslaught to begin...........

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

This week.....

Now then.... Here's a few tracks new and old i've had on repeat over the last week. If you like some of these and think we could share headphones on coach rides to the country, then get in touch. I'm a big lad, so you'll preferably be a petite girl who can squeeze into the window seat....

Ducktails - Welcome Home
Oberhofer - I Could Go
The Fugs - Nothing
Future Shuttles - Mist Thruway
Liam The Younger - Celebrate Today
Male Bonding - Years Not Long
Pill Wonder - Wishing Whale
Anrew Cedermark - Little Pad
Wonderswan - Fear The Sea Waves
Trash Kit - Cadets
Weezer - Tired Of sex

Gang of Four

Back way before the days us Leeds folk had the likes of the seminal Chumbawumba to scream about, there was a band called Gang of Four who inventively tweaked the strings of a post-punk wasteland.

Thirty years on and with a new album out this summer, they've applied some imagination of old to an online marketing campaign to support the new release. I'll give you this in straight list form, because it's peculiarity speaks for itself......

£10 will get you there new album.
£45 a 'Ultimate Content Can' containing CD, artwork, a book of 'emotion' drawings, scratch and sniff book and phials of the bands blood.
£100 Raw footage from their US tour
£250 and the band will offer guidance to your song lyrics
£950 a Helicopter ride to Glastonbury with the band
£1500 and Andy Gill will mix one of your tracks.

Check out the other crackers items the bands are offering here;

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Harlem - Hippies

Harlem's Matador debut is finally out. Enjoy some of these.......

Ariel Pink - Before Today

We've got a release date and a title for the new Ariel Pink Album! It's called 'Before Today' and hits the shelves on June 8th with 4AD. Seems to be named after an older track, but I wouldn't fear or rejoice in a return to previous sounds. Not the Pink way.......

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dan Sartain UK Tour

Back in 2006, when Tally Ho! was a mere twinkle in the eye of myself and my brethren, i was living in Leeds and listening to a lot of sixties psych and rock 'n' roll. Dan Sartain came along courtesy of a friend's recommendation and blew my mind...he sounded wild and inside and with his quiff and 'Tarantino-esque pulp vibe looked just about crazy enough to be living out the stuff he snarled about on record. Then he came to visit the UK and even though he was totally stoned and wearing a combat jacket instead of a biker jacket, he totally killed it live!

Well he's back promoting his third album proper Dan Sartain Lives and he'll be hitting these shores in May, dates below:

18 May 201020:00
Freebut, Brighton
19 May 201020:00
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
20 May 201020:00
Sound City at Kazimir
21 May 201020:00
Crawdaddy, Dublin
22 May 201020:00
Myrtleville Pine Lodge, Cork
23 May 201020:00
Aunty Annies, Belfast
25 May 201020:00
The Cluny, Newcastle
26 May 201020:00
Captains Rest, Glasgow
27 May 201020:00
Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
28 May 201020:00
The Korova, Liverpool
29 May 201013:00
Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol
30 May 201013:00
Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham
31 May 201013:00
Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester
2 Jun 201019:00
The Garage, London

And here's the video for new single Atheist Funeral

Raven Sings The Blues Comp Volume Two

Here at Tally Ho! we never let blog-envy get in the way of sharing the love with our readers.

Raven Sings The Blues is the kind of blog that gets it right everytime, their coverage of the burgeoning alt. rock scenes across the states is a constant source of inspiration and pleasure for anyone with enough time on their hands to keep abreast of the swarm of bands currently caught in the world wide web.

Back in 2009 RSTB released their first download comp and they've now announced that Volume Two has finally arrived. As you can see from the poster above, the list of contributors is: not unlike our own forthcoming cassette release, Heavy Medicine; mighty impressive.

Right, that's the end of all the freebies! Head over to Raven Sings The Blues to get your mits on the download now.


Facepaint hail from Virginia and feature none other than Captured Tracks recording artiste and Virginia Tech's one man music dept, Jack Tatum.

Their sound is more layered than his work under the Wild Nothing moniker but equally engaging.

Of the tracks available on their Myspace, Digging Pet Cemeteries stands out, its chugging guitar riffs and calming, layered vocals a clear vindication of the hype surrounding Tatum and anything he touches.

They've a free EP available on their Myspace page here, not much happening on their Myspace of late but as Wild Nothing thrives i'm sure this stuff will be sought after...

Twin Sister - Color Your Life EP

New York dreamer's Twin Sister are offering their latest release, the Color Your Life EP, as a free download on their website here. Its only free for a couple of months though so be sure to head over there sharpish.

Stand out track All Around and Away We Go starts out with the electro swagger of a Cameo album track, then distant harmonies lead you into the verse and its as if Beach House never recorded Teen Dream...this is not your typical NY trash. It's beautiful, haunting and simple yet original music and i reckon Twin Sister might just nail 2010.

Check out a preview on their myspace here and if you dig what your hear and you've downloaded the EP but still want more, well our new friend McGregor of Chocolate Bobka is releasing some cool Twin Sister music via his cassette label The Curatorial Club so be sure to check out his new blog page http://thecuratorialclub.blogspot.com/ and get your orders in.