Thursday, 6 May 2010


After stumbling upon Beings courtesy of Jacuzzi Boys' Myspace page, we had to learn more, and fast.

Well, they were kind enough to allow us a brief chat as well as giving us their awesome jam LKLL (see below for download). With its richter scale bass rumble and moody vocals, its so 'now' it hurts. If feedback, sunglasses indoors and distorted lyrics are your thing, i can't recommend Beings enough.

Here's what bass player Michael Alén had to say about their sound, their friends and their plans for the future.

Tally Ho: Can you introduce the band?

Michael Alén: Sure, Ivan Marchena on guitar and Vocals. Beatriz Monteavaro on drums and I play bass.

TH: Where do you call home and do you think it has affected, influenced your sound?

MA: We're scattered through Miami. The location itself doesn't affect the sound, but getting Beings together happened through connections between friends and bands that originated here.

TH: Do any of you moonlight in other groups?

MA: I also write and record under the name Foreign Bodies and Beatriz just played some reunion shows with Floor (influential Florida stoner rock band-TH) but we're mostly focusing on beings right now.

TH: We found you guys through the Jacuzzi Boys Myspace, how has interest in them and the rep of Florida's Dying Records affected the local scene? (even though Florida is bigger than the UK!)

MA: I haven't had the opportunity to check out what Florida's Dying are up to, and we're a little out of it. There are a lot of kids coming out to shows and starting bands and labels. It's hard to keep up with everything but the Jacuzzi Boys are real nice dudes and we've played out with them quite a few times already. They're fun magnets and the atmosphere is always great when we play a show together. They're really supportive of us and we love them.

TH: Do you have any plans to release your stuff?

MA: Rick Smith of Torche has a new label called Amnesian and he's behind our first release which will be an eight-song 12". If all goes as planned, we should have that out by late July. Shortly after we're planning on following up with a single. We're trying to write a lot inbetween shows.

Cheers to Mike and Beatriz for being (put intended) so cool.

Download the great LKLL here

For more info on Beings check out their myspace.


  1. Beings rule. Keep up the good work!


  2. The Beings rock!!!