Thursday, 28 January 2010

Vivian Girls Live in London

Vivian Girls @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, 26th Jan '10

You'd be forgiven for thinking Vivian Girls have moved to these shores, their recession flauntiJng trips across the Atlantic have become so frequent. Not that we're complaining, we've pretty much worn out their second LP Everything Goes Wrong so it was with some excitement that we ambled along through the winter chill to catch them play a set that concentrated on that record, coloured by a few choice selections from their many 7" singles and their self titled debut.

Kicking off with the same one-two punch that bleeds Everything Goes Wrong into your speakers, 'Walking Alone at Night' and 'I Have No Fun', live the girls seem to exorcise the frustrations that haunt them at the beginning of the record. Ali's drumming gallops and Cassie's distorted Pink Flag-isms rage, padding out the harmonies and seemingly bathing the crowd in a white wash of punk mischief. 

Last night's show (the last of a uk tour) serves as a timely reminder of the band's progression from 20 minute sets and over-hype, into the finished product. Now entirly unreliant on the charming pop chorus of previous show stoppers like 'Wild Eye's'.

For fellow sound setters in the class of 08', the new Viv's gigs send a clear message to yank up the belts and don't dare to disappoint. If second album Everything Goes Wrong wasn't enough proof of the metamorphosis, only prompting glances to the bedside pictures of the Kickball Katy of old, then live, the girls ascendancy is complete.

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